New Challenges

Hokkaido University continually rises to new challenges to meet the ever-changing demands of society. Here we introduce the Center for Food and Medical Innovation, which aims at innovation by integrating the fields of food, exercise, health, and medical care. We also spotlight the university’s Arctic Research Center, which endeavors to ensure sustainable use and preservation of the Arctic region.

Discipline Areas

Hokkaido University is one of the nation’s leading universities, with 12 undergraduate schools that span nearly all of the disciplines, from social and natural sciences to the humanities. Guiding by staffs dealing with cutting-edge research, students in Hokkaido University acquire specialized knowledge and skills. They also gain the wide-ranging knowledge and communication skills necessary to become active players in the international community.

Spirit of Inquiry: Research Centers and Shared Educational Facilities

In the “HU Study Quarters” section we introduced educational research information of 12 undergraduate schools and their related post-graduate level faculties. At HU, we have many affiliate research institutes, research centers and shared campus facilities—indeed, we boast a plethora of educational research establishments. Here, we briefly touch upon the kind of activities carried out by these establishments.