The Official Hokkaido University Museum Website

This website is managed by the Museum for the purpose of making information related to education, research activities, collections, exhibits, events, and more available to the public.

Publication Details and Disclaimers

The Museum’s official website establishes objectives for its use, carefully taking into account good management practices.
Staff members are in charge of the content of the various pages and are meticulous about providing accurate information in a timely manner. However, the Museum cannot completely guarantee the authenticity and reliability of all information contained in these pages, nor the absolute security of this website; as such, please be forewarned that the Museum will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this website.
Please also note that the publication of the following information is strictly prohibited:

  1. Information that contradicts public order and morals
  2. Information that infringes on copyrights
  3. Information that infringes on civil liberties and privacy
  4. False or slanderous information regarding an individual or organization
  5. Information intended for commercial purposes that is not consistent with the Museum’s educational and research objectives
  6. Information aimed at political or religious activities
  7. Confidential information related to the Museum’s general educational, research, or business affairs
  8. Other information not appropriate for public dissemination by the Museum


With the exception of certain specifically described items, the Hokkaido University Museum will retain the copyrights for content (documents, materials, images, etc.) contained on the Museum website. Pages containing no particular specifications concerning licensing or methods of use may be used within the scope stipulated for nonprofit/educational purposes and by law.
The secondary use of copies, reproductions, or the diversion or sales of content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


There are generally no restrictions on linking to the Museum website, and normally there is no need to contact the museum before linking to the site.
Please be forewarned, however, that there may be unannounced changes or interruptions to the URL or its content.
The Museum will not be responsible for any problems that occur as a result of linking to the site.
Please note that the Museum will strictly refuse links from the following types of sites:

  1. Sites that contradict public order and morals
  2. Sites inimical to the peace and safety of all citizens.
  3. Sites that slander the Museum or the Museum’s teaching staff or students
  4. Sites that slander the educational or research activities of the Museum
  5. Sites that provide information that could be deemed illegal
  6. Sites that masquerade as, or impersonate, the official Museum website
  7. Sites that are deemed to threaten the interests of the Museum

While the official Museum website has links to other sites, the Museum provides no assurances with regards to the security of such sites or the authenticity of the content found there.

Browsing the Site

PDF capability, Adobe Flash, and other plugins are needed to access certain parts of the official Museum website. Some parts of the site utilize JavaScript; depending on browser configuration, these may be difficult or impossible for some users to access.