Collection and Utilization of Personal Information

Personal information provided to the Museum is used only for the objectives noted below:

  • To send recipients bulletins and information regarding various events and services
  • For purposes of planning and analysis
  • To invite recipients to participate in all types of surveys
  • To develop and manage new educational and research activities

The Use of Personal Information and Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

When personal information is gathered from the official Museum website, the purpose of this information will be indicated, and this information will not be used for any other objectives.
In cases where prior acknowledgement/consent has been gained, however, personal information may be provided to others when deemed necessary by law or in order to protect the public interest.

(Preliminary note: Personal information will not be used beyond the scope of usage objectives. Furthermore, excluding cases where consent has been gained from the person in question, or when personal information is deemed necessary by law, personal information that has been provided will not be disclosed or provided to third parties. However, personal information may be retained for the use of subcontractors and other businesses with which the Hokkaido University Museum has entered into non-disclosure agreements within the scope of acceptable usage objectives. In such cases, the Museum will manage/supervise the handling of this information by the aforementioned subcontractor or business.)

Safekeeping and Management of Personal Information

The Museum will take pertinent security measures to protect the personal information with which it has been provided from unauthorized access, loss, damage, disclosure, falsification, and the like.