The Research Division conducts activities using scientific data, specimens, and other academic resources, enabling the museum to effectively fulfill its mission.

The Division is made up of three research sections:

  1. The Fundamental Studies section carries out basic research using scientific specimens and academic resources; it also supports interdisciplinary research and educational initiatives.
  2. The Applied Studies section carries out developmental research designed to make effective use of scientific specimens and academic resources as raw materials for education and research. This section also researches specimen preservation.
  3. The Museum Education and Media Studies section serves as a bridge between the museum and the public, researching educational initiatives suited for a university museum. This section also develops programs for higher education, using video and archived image data. Japan does not have a long history of research in the fields of museum pedagogy or archival studies of moving image and research materials; this section has been praised for its groundbreaking work in this area.


Research Division Members

Hideki Takahashi Professor
Masahiro Ohara Professor
Makiko Yuasa Professor
Yoshitsugu Kobayashi Associate Professor
Junji Yamamoto Associate Professor
Masaki Eda Lecturer
Tsuyoshi Abe Lecturer
Shunsuke Yamashita Assistant Professor
Fumihito Tashiro Assistant Professor

Research Support Assistants

Research Support Assistants are involved in every aspect of the Museum, from monumental tasks to the smallest of jobs. Our Research Support Assistants are dependable and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right.

Kazuha Takahashi Research Support Assistants
Junko Uematsu Research Support Assistants


S224B (Research Support Assistant Office)