The Fisheries Science Center in Hakodate re-opening

The fisheries science center in Hakodate is re-opening on July 14th, 2020.
We take thorough measures to prevent the spread of infection so we ask for your understanding and cooperation in using this facility.

About the change of opening hour:

Due to the limited number of our staff, we have changed our opening schedule to ensure sufficient safety. In order to avoid crowding and closeness, we ask you to make reservations in advance for the time being.

Opening hour:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
①10:00-10:30 ②11:00-11:30 ③12:00-12:30 ④13:00-13:30 ⑤14:00-14:30 ⑥15:00-15:30
We ventilate and disinfect the rooms during the intervals.
Up to 10 people / 3 groups can be accommodated in one period.

To make reservation:
Please mail or call 0138-40-5553 at least 3 days prior to your visit between Tuesday and Saturday, from 10am to 4pm,
1.desired date and time of representative
3.number of visitors
4.student/staff ID number  (HU members)
phone number (non HU Members)
We will get back to you with receipt number when the reservation is made.

When entering the fisheries science center:
Wear a mask.
Refrain from entering if you have a cold, such as a fever or cough, or if you are not feeling well.
Temperature will be measured with a non-contact thermometer.
We ask you to register your contact information so that we can inform you if visitors or staff members are infected with the new coronavirus.
Two ways to register your information.
1. Register using the QR code at the entrance.
2. Fill out the emergency contact registration form.
Keep distance between people.
Refrain from talking in a loud voice.

To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection:
 The staff conducts temperature measurements, wears a mask (or a face shield), and performs frequent hand washing and hand disinfection.
Building is regularly ventilated.
We regularly disinfect areas that are frequently touched, such as door knobs and handrails.