Histerid specimens of Musée Zoologique de Strasbourg, France

from the Collection of the City of Strasborug kept in the Museum of Zoology of Université Louis Pasteur

A list of the specimens of the family Histeridae, depsited in Musée Zoologique de Strasbourg, is made by Masahiro Ôhara (The Hokkaido University Museum, Japan), during research visiting as ULP-HU exchange programme from16th May to 9th June, 2005.

Acknowledgements: Director, Mme, Marie Dominique Wandhammer (MZS); Mme, Dr. Elisabetha Ludes (MZS); Mr. José Matter (MZS); Professor Henry Callot (ULP); Professor Yoichi Nakatani (ULP); Professor Shunshuke Mawatari (Hokkaido Univeristy). 21st COE programm "Neo-natural History".

General Collection

[Sphaeritidae-Histeridae: Box, 1]


Sphaerites granutus


Hololepta (Hololepta) australica Marseul, 1853

Hololepta (Hololepta) cubensis Erichson, 1834

Hololepta (Hololepta) excisa Marseul, 1853

Hololepta (Hololepta) indica Erichson, 1834

Hololepta (Hololepta) laevigata Guérin-Ménéville, 1833

Hololepta (Hololepta) plana (Sulzer, 1776)

Hololepta (Leionota) minuta Erichson, 1834

Hololepta (Leionota) quadridentata (Olivier, 1789)

Oxysternus maximus (Linnaeus 1767)

Trypanaeus thoracicus (Fabricius, 1801)

Teretrius parasita Marseul, 1862

Teretrius picipes: Fabricius, 1792

RN: Teretrius fabricii Mazur, 1972

Teretrius rothi (Rosenhauer, 1856)

RN: Pleuroleptus rothi (Rosenhauer, 1856)

Platysoma (Pltylister) abruptum Erichson, 1834

Platysoma (Platylister) ovatum Erichson, 1834

Platysoma (Platysoma) capense (Wiedmann in Germar et Wiedemann, 1821)

Platysoma carolinus (Paykull)

RN: Eblisia carolina (Paykull, 1811)

Platysoma (Platysoma) compressum (Herbst, 1783)

Platysoma (Platysoma) deplanatum (Gyllenhal, 1808)

Platysoma frontale (Paykull)

RN: Eblisia minor (P.Rossi, 1792)

Platysoma angustatum (Hoffman, 1803)

RN: Cylistus angustata (Hoffman, 1803)

Platysoma cornix Marseul, 1861

RN: Cylistus cornix (Marseul, 1861)

Platysoma elongatum: Olivier, 1789

RN: Cylistus filiforme (Erichson, 1834)

Platysoma lineare Erichson, 1834

RN: Cylistus lineare (Erichson, 1834)

Platysoma oblongus Fabricius, 1792

RN: Platysoma elongatum (Thunberg, 1787)

Platysoma parallelum (Say, 1825)

RN: Cylistus parallela (Say, 1825)

Phelister haemorrhous Marseul, 1853

Omalodes (Omalodes) angulatus (Fabricius, 1801)

Omalodes (Omalodes) faustus Erichson, 1834

Omalodes (Omalodes)grossus Marseul, 1853

Omalodes (Omalodes) laevigatus (Quensel in Schönherr, 1806)

Omalodes (Omalodes) omega (Kirby, 1818)

Omalodes (Omalodes) pluvinatus Erichson, 1834

Omalodes (Omalodes) sobrinus Erichson, 1834

Omalodes (Diplogrammicus) ebenius Erichson, 1834

Margarinotus scaber (Fabricius, 1787)

Epierus comptus Erichson, 1834

Epierus ellipticus J.E. LeConte, 1860

RN: Epierus antillarum Marseul, 1854

Epierus italicus (Paykull, 1811)

RN: Pseudoepierus italicus (Paykull, 1811)

Epierus regularis (Palisot de Beauvois, 1805)

Xestipyge conjunctum (Say, 1825)

Carcinops mininus (Aubé, 1850): Marseul, 1855

RN: Kissister minimus (Aubé, 1850)

Carcinops quuuatuordecimstriatus (Stephens, 1835)

Carcinops pumilio (Erichson, 1834)

[Histeridae Box. 2]


Hister (Santalus) parallelus

RN: Pachylister (Santalus) elongatulus (Marseul, 1854)

Hister (Macrolister) major Linnaeus, 1767

RN: Pactolinus major (Linnaeus, 1767)

Hister (Macrolister) maximus: Oliver, 1789

RN: Pactolinus gigas (Paykull, 1811)

Hister (Macrolister ) validus Erichson, 1834

RN: Pactolinus gigas (Paykull, 1811)

Hister (Pachylister) chinensis

RN: Pachylister (Pachylister) chinensis (Quensel in Schönherr, 1806)

Hister (Pachylister) inaequalis Oliver, 1789

RN: Pachylister (Pachylister) inaequalis (Oliver, 1789)

Hister (Pachylister) nigrita: Erichson

RN: Pachylister (Pachylister) heros (Erichson, 1834)

Hister (Spilodiscus) arcuatus Say

RN: Spilodiscus arcuatus (Say, 1825)

Hister (Eucalohister) binotatus Erichson

RN: Margarinotus (Eucalohister) binotatus (Erichson, 1834)

Hister (Grammostethus) ruficornis Grimm, 1852

RN: Margarinotus (Grammostethus) ruficornis (Grimm, 1852)

Hister (Peranus) bimaculatus Linnaeus, 1758

RN: Atholus bimaculatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Hister (Atholus) americanus Paykull

RN: Atholus americanus (Paykull, 1811)

Hister (Atholus) coelestis Marseul

RN: Atholus coelestis (Marseul, 1857)

Hister (Atholus) corvinus Germar, 1817

RN: Atholus corvinus (Germar, 1817)

Hister (Atholus) duodecimstriatus Schrank, 1781

RN: Atholus duodecimstriatus (Schrank, 1781)

Hister (Atholus) praetermissus Peyron, 1856

RN: Atholus praetermissus (Peyron, 1856)

[Histeridae Box. 3]


Hister (Hister) abbreviatus Fabricius, 1775

Hister (Hister) bipunctatus Paykull, 1811

Hister (Hister) bipustulatus Schrank, 1781

RN: Margarinotus (Eucalohister) bipustulatus (Schrank, 1781)

Hister (Hister) bissexstriatus Fabricius, 1801

Hister (Hister) brunnipes Erichson, 1834

Hister (Hister) cadaverinus Hoffmann, 1803

RN: Margarinotus (Ptomister) brunneus (Fabricius, 1775)

Hister (Hister) carbonarius Hoffmann, 1803

RN: Margarinotus (Paralister) carbonarius (Hoffmann, 1803)

Hister (Hister) distinctus Erichson, 1834

RN: Margarinotus (Ptomister) distinctus (Erichson, 1834)

Hister (Hister) falsus Solskiy, 1876

Hister (Hister) foedatus J.E. LeConte, 1844

RN: Margarinotus (Ptomister) foedatus (J.E. LeConte, 1844)

Hister (Hister) fossor Erichson, 1834

Hister (Hister) funestus Erichson, 1834

Hister (Hister) giantinus (sic: gagantinus) Reiche, 1850

Hister (Hister) gehini Marseul, 1854

Hister (Hister) graecus Brullé, 1832

RN: Margarinotus (Stenister) graecus (Brullé, 1832)

Hister (Hister) helluo Truqui, 1852

Hister (Hister) javanicus Paykull, 1811

Hister (Hister) laevipes Germar, 1824

Hister (Hister) lethierryi Marseul, 1861

RN: Margarinotus (Eucalohister) kurdistanus lethierryi (Marseul, 1861)

Hister (Hister) lugubris Truqui, 1852

Hister (Hister) marginatus Erchson, 1834

RN: Margarinotus (Promethister) marginatus (Erichson, 1834)

Hister (Hister) merdarius Hoffmann, 1803

RN: Margarinotus (Ptomister) merdarius (Hoffmann, 1803)

Hister (Hister) neglectus (Germar, 1813)

RN: Margarinotus (Ptomister) neglectus (Germar, 1813)

Hister (Hister) planulus Ménétries, 1848

RN: Eudiplister planulus (Ménétries, 1848)

Hister (Hister) punctifer Paykull, 1811

Hister (Hister) purpurascens Herbst, 1792

RN: Margarinotus (Paralister) purpurascens (Herbst, 1792)

Hister (Hister) pustulosus Géné, 1839

Hister (Hister) quadrimaculatas Linnaeus, 1758

Hister (Hister) quadrinotatus Scriba, 1790

Hister (Hister) sedakovi Marseul, 1861

Hister (Hister) sepulchralis Erichson, 1834

Hister (Hister) smyrnaeus Marseul, 1854

RN: Eudiplister castaneus (Ménétries, 1832)

Hister (Hister) sordidus: Aubé, 1850

RN: Hister mediterraneus Lundgren in Johnson, et al., 1991

Hister (Hister) stercorarius Hoffmann, 1803

RN: Margarinotus obscurus (Kugelann, 1792)

Hister (Hister) striola C.R. Sahlberg, 1819

RN: Margarinotus (Ptomister) striola (C.R. Sahlberg, 1819)

Hister (Hister) striolatus Marseul, 1854

RN: Hister calidus Erichson, in Klug, 1842

Hister (Hister) terricola Germar, 1824

RN: Margarinotus (Ptomister) terricola (Germar, 1824)

Hister (Hister) thoracicus Paykull, 1811

Hister (Hister) tristriatus Marseul, 1854

Hister (Hister) uncinatus Illiger, 1807

RN: Hister illigeri Duftschmidt, 1805

Hister (Hister) uncostriatus Marseul, 1854

RN: Margarinotus (Paralister) uncostriatus (Marseul, 1854)

Hister (Hister) unicolor Linnaeus, 1758

Hister (Hister) ventralis Marseul, 1854

RN: Margarinotus (Paralister) ventralis (Marseul, 1854)

[Histeridae Box. 4]


Saprinus (Euspilotus) disignatus

Saprinus (Saprinus) assystricus

Saprinus (Saprinus) aeneas (Fabricius, 1775)

Saprinus (Saprinus) algericus (Paykull, 1811)

Saprinus (Saprinus) assimilis (Paykull, 1811)

RN: Euspilotus assimilis (Paykull, 1811)

Saprinus (Saprinus) azccreus

Saprinus (Saprinus) biguttatus (Steven, 1806)

Saprinus (Saprinus) blanchei (sic) Marseul, 1862

RN: Chalcionellus blanchii (Marseul, 1855)

Saprinus (Saprinus) chalcites (Illiger, 1807)

Saprinus (Saprinus) concinnus (Gebler, 1830)

Saprinus (Saprinus) cribellatus Marseul, 1855

Saprinus (Saprinus) cruciatus (Fabricius, 1792)

Saprinus (Saprinus) cyaneus (Fabricius, 1775)

Saprinus (Saprinus) detersus (Illiger, 1807)

Saprinus (Saprinus) eochesnus

Saprinus (Saprinus) fasciolatus (Gebler, 1845)

RN: Saprinus (Saprinus) ornatus Erichson, 1834

Saprinus (Saprinus) figuratus Marseul, 1855

Saprinus (Saprinus) finoriatus

Saprinus (Saprinus) foreisternus

Saprinus (Saprinus) fursery

Saprinus (Saprinus) gabonenius

Saprinus (Saprinus) intenustus

Saprinus (Saprinus) irinus

Saprinus (Saprinus) lateralis Motschulsky, 1849

Saprinus (Saprinus) lautus Erichson, 1839

Saprinus (Saprinus) lugens Erchson, 1834

Saprinus (Saprinus) niger Motschulsky, 1849

Saprinus (Saprinus) srnatus

Saprinus (Saprinus) pennsylvanicus (Paykull, 1811)

Saprinus (Saprinus) plenus

Saprinus (Saprinus) pharao

Saprinus (Saprinus) politus (Brahm, 1790)

Saprinus (Saprinus) prasinus Erchson, 1834

Saprinus (Saprinus) punctasinus

Saprinus (Saprinus) quadriguttatus (Fabricius, 1798)

Saprinus (Saprinus) rasselas

Saprinus (Saprinus) rugifer (Paykull, 1809)

Saprinus (Saprinus) shatymausi

Saprinus (Saprinus) semipunctatus (Fabricius, 1792)

Saprinus (Saprinus) semistriatus (Scriba, 1790)

Saprinus (Saprinus) splendens (Paykull, 1811)

Saprinus (Saprinus) strigil Marseul, 1855

Saprinus (Saprinus) stussineri Reitter, 1909

Saprinus (Saprinus) subnitidus

Saprinus (Saprinus) tauricus (Dejean, 1837)

RN: Hypocaccus (Hypocaccus) dimidiatus (Illiger, 1807)

Saprinus (Saprinus) tyrius Marseul, 1857

RN: Chalcionellus tyrius (Marseul, 1857)

Saprinus (Saprinus) virescens (Paykull, 1798)

Saprinus (Saprinus) noryes

Saprinus (Pachylopus) crassipes Erichson, 1834

RN: Hypocaccus crassipes (Erichson, 1834)

Saprinus (Pachylopus) dimidiatus

Saprinus (Pachylopus) grossipes

Saprinus (Pachylopus) massitimas

[Histeridae Box. 5]


Saprinus (Hypocaccus) aeonufus

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) amoenus

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) assicarius

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) conyunaeus

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) elongatulus

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) metallicum

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) metallicus (Herbst, 1792)

RN: Hypocaccus (Hypocaccus) metallicus (Herbst, 1792)

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) pelleti

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) posternegmi

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) rubsipes

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) rufipes

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) rugiceps (Duftschmidt, 1805)

RN: Hypocaccus (Hypocaccus) rugiceps (Duftschmidt, 1805)

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) rugifrons (Paykull, 1798)

RN: Hypocaccus (Hypocaccus) rugifrons (Paykull, 1798)

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) specularis Marseul, 1855

RN: Hypocaccus (Hypocaccus) specularis (Marseul, 1855)

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) speretulus

Saprinus (Hypocaccus) tigris

Paromalus (Paromalus) complanatus

Paromalus (Paromalus) teibodae

Paromalus (Isolomalus) seminulus

Paromalus (Micromalus) flavicornis

Paromalus (Micromalus) parallelepipedus

Paromalus (Micromalus) paradli

Dendrophilus punctatus

Dendrophilus pygmaeus

Tribalus solombius

Tribalus minimus

Tribalus scaphidiformis

Caerostenus americanus

Spathochus coyei

Tretnotus tonyrianus

Satrapes sartorii

Hetaerius furugineus

Sternocoelis acutangulus

Sternocoelis aracinoides

Sternocoelis walkeri

Onthophilus affinis

Onthophilus globulosis

Onthophilus striatus

Onthophilus sulcatus

Plegaderus adonis

Plegaderus caesus

Plegaderus dissicus

Plegaderus dissectus

Plegaderus otti

Pleagederus saucicus

Pleagerus valnetarus

[Histeridae Box. 6]


Abraeus globosus

Abraeus globulus

Plegaderus granulum

Abraemorphus minutissenus

Bacanius shombophorus

Acritus (Halacritus) punctum Aube

Acritus (Aeletes) atomarius

Acritus (Acritus) hopffgarteni

Acritus (Acritus) italicus Reitter

Acritus (Acritus) minutus Herbst

Acritus (Acritus) nigricornis Hoffman


Gnathonucs nidicola Joy

RN: Gnathoncus communis (Marseul, 1862)

Gnathoncus rotundatus (Kugelann, 1792)

Myrmetes piceus:

RN: Myrmetes paykulli Kanaar, 1979



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